Episode 16: Branding for Success


A picture’s worth a 1,000 words, except if it’s unrecognizable in business. We talk with entrepreneurs all over New England about branding for success: marketing, relaunches and continuously tweaking their companies for growth. The full 30-minute episode is featured, with segments broken apart below featuring John Gobron, Melanie Lowe, John Garabedian, Kemp – Goldberg Partners, and Globe Manufacturing. The non YouTube versions are available at the bottom of the page.  

When you need immediate medical care, seconds count. And computer access to medical records shouldn’t stand in your way. John Gobron is the President & CEO of Aventura.  

Forget corporate strategy, and even the 4P’s and 5C’s of marketing. For Melanie Lowe, business success is actually putting beauty into the eye of the beholder. She is creative director and the owner of M Space Design in Cambridge, MA. 

You can hear it but not see it. Yet its sounds and brands permeate nearly every aspect of our lives, from when we wake up and go to bed, in our cars, homes and offices. John Garabedian is an American radio personality and disc jockey, known as the host of Open House Party, and here’s his company’s web site.

These garments save lives for not only the firefighters who wear them, but more importantly for those they rescue. Rob Freese is a 4th generation owner of Globe Manufacturing and Don Fibich is with Kemp Goldberg Partners, managing Globe’s PR strategy.  

The non YouTube versions of this episode below include closed captioning which can be turned on with the “CC” button next to the volume.


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