Radio interview: Update on Hong Kong protests


Many thanks to Radio Entrepreneurs for inviting me back on their show to not only update everyone on the Hong Kong protests, but also the economic situation in France and Europe.

The audio link is below.

There have been some fascinating articles run by various outlets, providing different, and unique perspectives, on the latest developments in Hong Kong and a good report on Europe’s economy.


a) Thoughts from Hong Kong’s real estate tycoons (NY Times)

b) Mainland China icon musician Kenny G visits Hong Kong in support (NY Times)

c) Televised debate on democracy in Hong Kong & mainland China (NY Times)

d) Op Ed on Inequality in Hong Kong (NY Times)

e) Protesters march on Hong Kong leader’s home (NBC News)

f) Hong Kong Student Leaders Disappointed by Reform Talks (Voa News)


…. and last but not least, a good Economist article on Europe’s economy.


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