Episode 18: Made in America


Episode 18: Made in America

Forget outsourcing to China, India, wherever. The Made in America label is becoming more popular than ever. Shirts, suits, fashion and more, on this episode of the Language of Business!

The full 30-minute TV episode is featured, with segments broken apart below featuring Bob Kidder, Melanie Berger, Ed Likovich and John Martynec. Closed captioning is now available for all segments, and the non YouTube version is available at the bottom of the page.  

Entrepreneurs often buck trends. But would you have the guts to invest in a 200-year old US manufacturing mill, when all you hear in the news are the merits of offshore, cheap labor? Bob Kidder, the President of New England Shirt Company, isn’t fazed by these trends at all. Check out these great factory pictures.

Entrepreneurs often hear less is more and Melanie Berger believes that. Her company, Mariwear, is revolutionizing what women wear, when they want to get out of their bras, yet still feel fully dressed, regardless of the time of day. Check out her Kickstarter video and a radio interview here.

Retailers are full of lotions to reduce exposure to the sun. But don’t tell that to Ed Likovich. He tracks sunlight in order to be healthier. Here’s the company web site and some pictures from the filming.

He’s a suitmaker. And his suits are worn by corporate executives, ambassadors, even US Presidents. How do you get to that level?  Enter John Martynec, CEO of Southwick. Watch how the suits are made by clicking here.

The non YouTube version of this episode is available here.


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