TV Extra: Non-US customers attracted by Made in America label



Non-US customers attracted by Made in America label

This is the third entry in a feature entitled “Digging Deeper,” where we further explore topics with our guests. Please check out our Business Resources Directory page, too.

John Martynec, CEO of Southwick, talks about the challenges of supporting non-US customers who like his products. Of particular interest to John are customers from Japan.

A great article from Business Insider entitled: 6 Things You Need To Know About Doing Business In Japan

Interesting look at Japan from a business regulatory perspective: Making Japan work for you.

A terrific book by some Harvard Business School professors on cross-border management: Transnational Management – Text, Cases, and Readings in Cross-Border Management

Be sure to check out the Resources section of this Blog, and, in particular, book recommendations, for some heopfyul ideas.

Want to learn even more? John’s full length TV interview can be found here.

 Forget outsourcing to China, India, wherever. The Made in America label is becoming more popular than ever. Shirts, suits, fashion and more, on this episode of the Language of Business!

He’s a suitmaker. And his suits are worn by corporate executives, ambassadors, even US Presidents. How do you get to that level?  Enter John Martynec, CEO of Southwick. Watch how the suits are made by clicking here.


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