Episode 19: Decoding the Alphabet of Finance


Episode 19: Decoding the Alphabet of Finance

Need $’s for a new business? You might need to buy a dictionary, first, too. VC, PE, IPO, NPV, IRR, ROE, EBIT, Hedge, Bank. Speaking the real language of business, as we decode the alphabet of finance.

The full 30-minute TV episode is featured, with segments broken apart below featuring Chris Hennessey, Steve Segal, Larry Gennari and Barry Sloane. Closed captioning is now available for all segments, and the non YouTube version is available at the bottom of the page.  

You might have heard the phrase “this would be a good hedge” when talking about controlling risk, but do you know anything beyond that? Chris Hennessey does, and has been doing this for his clients and students for over 20 years. He teaches law at Babson College.  

 The term PE—private equity—is loosely tossed around in business today almost as much as a football is during pre-game warm-ups. But what does it mean and how is it different from investment banking? Steve Segal should know. He brings 20 years of private equity investment experience to his clients and Boston University business students! 

You don’t expect your lawyer to be a financial expert. But if he or she is advising you on building a new business, does it really matter who offers the best advice? Larry Gennari is all about using attorneys, and other advisors, to get deal financings completed

He’s a banker. And one from a family business, homegrown from scratch. But does old school retail banking matter to the rough and tumble world of big business? Barry Sloane, the President and CEO of Century Bank certainly thinks so, believing commercial bank loans can be a strategic source of financing.

The non YouTube version of this episode is available below.

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