TV Extra: Good buys for PE funds elusive due to soaring stock market?



Good buys for PE funds elusive due to soaring stock market?

This is the latest entry in a feature entitled “Digging Deeper,” where we further explore topics with our guests. Please check out our Business Resources Directory page, too.

Steve Segal talks about how PE funds find good buys in a soaring stock market, and why PE isn’t just about acquiring under performing assets.

The PitchBook Blog has some good statistics on Private Equity and Venture Capital Data, Analysis and Insights. Be sure to check out PE 101 and VC 101, in the Knowledge Center Tab at the top middle.

The Wall Street Journal always has some good reporting about recent deals in the Private Equity Beat.

[email protected] features some good reporting here.

McKinsey Consulting also dedicates some resources to this area, too.

Want to learn even more? Steve’s full length TV interview can be found here.

The term PE—private equity—is loosely tossed around in business today almost as much as a football is during pre-game warm-ups. But what does it mean and how is it different from investment banking?  Steve Segal should know. He brings 20 years of private equity investment experience to his clients and Boston University business students!


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