TV Extra: Help! I can’t understand my lawyer!



TV Extra: Help! I can’t understand my lawyer!

This is the latest entry in a feature entitled “Digging Deeper,” where we further explore topics with our guests. Please check out our Business Resources Directory page, too.

What happens when your attorney speaks over your head?

Larry Gennari talks about how your attorney can demystify legal and business terms and make you better understand what’s happening with your business or your deal. has a good article on how to hire an attorney.

5 good tips here on how to talk with a lawyer.

Great article on how start-ups can best utilize their attorneys.

Opposite view: Click here on why you should NOT use your attorney for business advice.

Want to learn even more? Larry’s full length TV interview can be found here.

You don’t expect your lawyer to be a financial expert. But if he or she is advising you on building a new business, does it really matter who offers the best advice? Larry Gennari is all about using attorneys, and other advisors, to get deal financings completed.

Need $’s for a new business? You might need to buy a dictionary, first, too. VC, PE, IPO, NPV, IRR, ROE, EBIT, Hedge, Bank. Speaking the real language of business, as we decode the alphabet of finance.



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