Doing great things, but are they good businesses? Episode 20 coming soon!


Doing great things, but are they good businesses? Episode 20 coming soon!

Non-profits and socially minded companies. How do they function, and are they more than just charity cases?

Airing in the next few days and my guests will be Mickey Cockrell, Blyth Lord, Darby Hobbs, Paul Combe and Robert Chambers.

For profits… non-profits couldn’t be more different, right? But, you don’t need to be a prophet to realize money helps both do wonderful things. Hear their inspiriting stories on Episode #20, of the Language of Business.

Mickey Cockrell is a proven entrepreneur in the nonprofit sector. Prior to co-founding Catie’s Closet, Mickey spent more than 30 years in Business Management.

Blyth Lord is the founder of the Courageous Parents Network. Following her daughter Cameron’s death in 2001 from a genetic illness, Blyth began offering her perspective on the needs of families caring for children with life-limiting illness and how providers can best meet these needs.

Darby Hobbs is the CEO & Founder of SOCIAL3. As a Social Innovator, Darby not only leverages her visionary and strategic marketing strengths, but also her ability as a ‘story teller’ to globally reach citizens interested in change.

Paul Combe is the President and CEO of American Student Assistance, a nonprofit organization aimed at empowering students before, during and after college to make better decisions around the planning and financing of higher education, and the repayment of student loans.

Project VetCare Chairman and co-founder Robert Chambers is an experienced entrepreneur having won two National Awards in Social Entrepreneurship, the Purpose Prize and the Manhattan Institute Award for Social Entrepreneurship and was one of four entrepreneurs invited to speak at the White House by President Obama.


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