Episode 20: Non-Profit and Socially Responsible Entrepreneurship


Episode 20: Non-Profit and Socially Responsible Entrepreneurship

Non-profits and socially minded companies. How do they function, and are they more than just charity cases?

The full 30-minute TV episode is featured, with segments broken apart below featuring Mickey Cockrell, Paul Combe, Darby Hobbs, Robert Chambers and Blyth Lord. Closed captioning is now available for all segments, and the non YouTube version will shortly be available at the bottom of the page.  

There are more than 15 million students living in poverty in the U.S. – with 308,000 in Massachusetts and New Hampshire alone. These students are easily identified and feel ostracized by their peers because of what they wear.  Catie’s Closet is trying to change that. Mickey Cockrell is the Executive Director. 

As parents, we try to teach our kids the value of a dollar as early as possible. By the time they get to college, we assume those lessons have sunk in. Not exactly, according to Paul Combe, the President and CEO of American Student Assistance, or ASA

Working with financial service firms to make their investment choices and brand engagement more socially responsible, Darby Hobbs is the CEO & Founder of Social-3

It’s a great honor to protect, and defend, your country by being a member of the armed forces. But what happens when you return home? Is anyone going to protect you? Robert Chambers is doing something about that. He’s the co-founder and Chairman of Project VetCare.

The mission of Courageous Parents Network is to support parents and families of children living with serious illness, providing them with the skills, tools and virtual support they need. Blyth Lord is the Executive Director.

The non YouTube version of this episode is available below.

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