Accounting for change in China’s Managerial Practices


Accounting for change in China’s Managerial Practices

Many thanks to the sponsors of our first seminar in China on Managerial Accounting and International Entrepreneurship. These include the Training Center of Foreign Experts, CMA training company Hualing and CCAFM (our international consulting project partner for over a decade).

We had over 100 people attend the first speech at the Hotel Nikko New Century in Beijing. It was very exciting to work together with everyone. The first hour of the seminar focused on the background of managerial accounting. Hour #2 discussed 4 case studies and an expert interview and the third hour was all Q&A.

We’ll be conducting similar seminars in two other cities the following week.

Check out the pictures below!

China Financial Consultancy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “CCAFM”), was founded in 1982. With Chinese reform and opening up, CCAFM engraved the industrys many challenges, achievements as well as honors, and created many classic number Ones in the state-owned enterprise reform, corporate restructuring, IPO, management consulting and other professional service fields.

Adapting to the demands of Chinese enterprises’ management transformation, relying on our profound understanding of Chinese enterprises’ growing environment, management system and culture, CCAFM has been learning from the international enterprises’ way of management and consulting, and has provided hundreds of major enterprise and groups with consulting services on many aspects, including strategies, operation, finance, budget, merger, risk, human recourse and informatization. We, together with the enterprises we serve, will explore and build a road to success with core competitiveness.


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