Swaponz: Exchanging Memories One Design at a Time


Swaponz: Exchanging Memories One Design at a Time

Many thanks to entrepreneur Steven Bock¬†for both sponsoring a case study on his new company Swaponz, and also for hosting a “no holds barred” conversation with our MBA students last night during my class at the Questrom School of Business. It was inspiring to hear Steven’s stories relating to his entrepreneurial journey and thoughts on next steps in the development of his company. All of us– students and teacher alike– enjoyed it and wish him and his team much success.

About Swaponz:

Swaponz is a product of GloDesign, Inc., the creators of a line of unique and customized products designed and invented by Patrick Planche.

As a young boy in his native Switzerland, Patrick didn’t just ski and skateboard – he designed and built skateboards and sold them at school. He didn’t just have a few Swatch watches – he amassed a huge collection with his brother and published a book about them. And when his father told him about a friend who created the fabric fastener Velcro, he wasn’t just listening – he was plotting his career path as an inventor.

“At that moment, I realized every product started with one idea,” Patrick says. I spent every minute I could trying to invent something that would be fun, cool and useful to every person on the planet.”



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Greg Stoller is actively involved in building entrepreneurship and international business programs at Boston University in the Questrom School of Business. He teaches courses in entrepreneurship, global strategy and management and runs the Asian International Management Experience Program, and the Asian International Consulting Project.

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