TV Extra: Corporate partners assist nonprofits


TV Extra: Corporate partners assist nonprofits

It’s a great honor to protect, and defend, your country by being a member of the armed forces. But what happens when you return home? Is anyone going to protect you? Robert Chambers is the co-founder and Chairman of Project VetCare. He talks about the other veterans groups and corporate partners who are helping them, and what he is looking for in a possible replacement.

Here are some great resources to consider:

How to pick a military or veterans association?: What factors should you consider if you’re a veteran who’s looking to give back. There are thousands of organizations, associations, non-profits and for-profit groups from which to choose.

Corporate partners helping veterans’ organizations: The USO has relied on the generosity of corporations and foundations for more than 70 years. It’s one example of a veterans’ organization with some impressive corporate tie-ups.

Non-profit vs. For-profit?: Have a new business idea? Is it better to incorporate yourself as a non-profit or for-profit entity? Social entrepreneurs often grapple with the decision from the get-go.

Executive transition in a non-profit: Leadership transition can be a time of high vulnerability for a nonprofit organization. Here’s a great book providing practical advice on what to consider.

Looking for a job?: If you have never worked in the non-profit sector, you might not know how different that experience can be from one in the corporate world – both in culture and in posture.

About Projet VetCare:

Project VetCare is a team of of Veterans and non-Veterans in New Hampshire launched in 2012 to help alleviate the problems that many Veterans face today. These include understanding, navigating, and gaining access to various resources available to them and their families. Many of these individuals “fall through the cracks,” and our organization aims to ensure that no Veteran is left behind.


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