Latest Op Ed: Overcome these 3 Common Business Struggles


Latest Op Ed: Overcome these 3 Common Business Struggles 

Many thanks to for publishing my latest Op Ed on Teamwork: Working together successfully and the difference between doers and thinkers. The original post is here and an abstract follows below.


TV shows and movies love to portray entrepreneurs who stay true to their principles, are determined and soldier on, and ultimately succeed in the face of immense struggles. Think you can do the same or are these stories only possible on Hollywood sound stages?

Hire with confidence: How secure are you in your company? Conventional wisdom dictates that hiring smarter people beneath you propels an organization forward and improves the perception of your work group.

Survive and Advance: Although your hiring process might be secure, can you go it alone as an executive in your firm, even when your corporate cheerleader, protector or advocate decides to leave?

Stand up for Customers: Companies do well when they live by the principle that the customer is always right. Can you abide by that even when it’s not “cool” internally?


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