Episode 4 (WBIN-TV): Consumer Facing Marketing


Episode 4 (WBIN-TV): Consumer Facing Marketing

Episode 4 WBIN-TV: Consumer Facing Marketing: An idea PR firms & Focus Groups love. But, will your customers? Last episode was all about the brand and in this one, we’ll put it all together… capturing the attention and money of your customers!

The full 30-minute episode is featured, with segments broken apart below featuring Wendy Carr, George O’Shea, Al Peckham and Carol Graffin.

How do you choose your dentist? Location, referral, scope of services or insurance plans? This is a project marketing strategist Wendy Carr loves sinking her teeth into. See how she applies branding strategies to one of her clients. In this bonus footage, Wendy talks about the challenges of promoting professional services in a bargain-driven environment.

Are your insights truly worth something to others? How about your problem solving abilities? George O’Shea thinks so, as he’s consistently been hired as a consultant by world famous brands for well over a decade. Check out this video on one of the products he discusses. Also, click here to see one unsuccessful launch George discussed in his interview (both sources from YouTube). 

Seeing sparks fly in your office is bad enough, but in this factory it could be fatal. Al Peckham is the co-founder and manager of LectraLockCheck out his positioning on Amazon, which he describes during his interview. 

Outsourcing is a tough sell in any language. But what happens if your job requires you to do it? In France, it even goes against the national grain. Carol Graffin is an international mobility specialist in human resources and is rebranding outsourcing.  She joins us from France via Skype.  Check out her French brochure here. 


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