Episode 5 (WBIN-TV): Restaurant Profitability


Episode 5 (WBIN-TV): Restaurant Profitability

Episode 5 WBIN-TV: Restaurant Profitability: Think you can stomach running a successful restaurant? 9 out of every 10 fail. Can you beat the odds? Experts lay it on the line, dishing out advice on restaurant profitability!

The full episode is featured, with segments broken apart below featuring Rafael Barbosa (and CEO Jim Miller), Karen and Steve Waller, John Akar and Gregg Sessler, and Jeff Fournier.

It’s no surprise the restaurant business runs hot and cold? We visit FiRE+iCE in Boston with Rafael Barbosa, the Chief Operating Officer. 

A family run restaurant evokes images of kids waiting tables or washing dishes. But what happens when your family is instead your spouse, your siblings or your in-laws? Can you handle the heat in the kitchen? The Centre Cafe in Needham, MA. 

They say restaurants make most of their money on alcohol but how do you capitalize on that? Cava Tapas and Wine Bar is in Portsmouth, NH and has not only one, but actually two wine bars. 

Jeff Fournier has definitely earned his stripes on his way to restaurant ownership. He worked across the country, originally starting as a line cook. 

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