Episode 6 (WBIN-TV): Disruptive Technologies


Episode 6 (WBIN-TV): Disruptive Technologies

Episode 6 (WBIN-TV): Disruptive Technologies: Once in a while you come across a product or service which changes everything. CEOs give us a behind-the-scenes look at their companies!

The full episode is featured, with segments broken apart below featuring Steven Bock and Patrick Planche, Ishay Grinberg, Sandy Posa and Julie and Marty Lapham.

People spend so much time looking at their phones but how much time is given to the back? This is all about to change. Steven Bock and Patrick Planche run Swaponz

Do you have a beast of a time renting an apartment? Ishay Grinberg wants to change that. He is the CEO and Founder of Rental Beast

Can you clean all areas of your home without any toxic chemicals?No fragrances, dyes or allergens. Sandy Posa tells you how this is possible as the Founder and CEO of Force of Nature

It may sound corny but business is popping in Dover, New Hampshire. Julie Lapham (and her husband Marty) is the General Manger of PopZup Popcorn . 

Additionally, the full-length YouTube version (non Commercial TV broadcast version) is here:


Episode 6 (WBIN-TV): Disruptive Technologies

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