Episode 8 (WBIN-TV): The Business of Sports


Episode 8 WBIN-TV: The Business of Sports

Athletes get the press and the big money, but business minds behind the scenes are instrumental to their financial success. How can you help your team win off the field? We’ll talk naming rights, corporate sponsorships and strategic planning, and taking your sports dreams all the way to China. The full 30-minute episode is featured, with separate segments on Joe Rosen, Jay Fee, Dave Mingey and Tom McCarthy.

Professional athletes are fun to watch, and the best ones make millions. But who looks at the fine print in their contracts? Joe Rosen is with Icon Sports. He represents and additionally advises professional baseball players.  

Do those famous logos worn by athletes really convince you to buy their products most of all? Jay Fee says yes. He’s a partner at the law firm of Nelson, Mullins, Riley & Scarborough, and additionally is Chair of the Sports Business Industry Group. 

How do you merge sports-specific goals with overarching business objectives? After stints with Nike, Pepsi and J&J, Dave Mingey is now honing his skills with his own company, The GlideSlope.

Tom McCarthy is a local kid from the Roxbury housing projects, who worked his way up and attended Boston College. Additionally, he developed an interest in sports and furthermore launched an event management company, Beijing International Group. Not in Boston, but in China.  

Episode 8 WBIN-TV: The Business of Sports

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