Episode 9 (WBIN-TV): Small Businesses Beat Industry Behemoths


Episode 9 WBIN-TV: Small Businesses Beat Industry Behemoths

Think your small business can win against the big dogs? We’ll meet executives who have been going head-to-head, and also succeeding, for years. The full 30-minute episode is featured, with separate segments on Dana Brigham, Debra Brede, Steven Lunder and Linda Gulman.

Think it’s old fashioned to buy your books in a bookstore? Think again. Dana Brigham is a part owner and additionally the manager of the Brookline Booksmith

How do you go from a one-woman shop years ago to managing $700 million? Debra Brede is the founder and also president of DK Brede Investment Management

How does a small business remain relevant in a niche industry like injection moldings? Steven Lunder purchased Granite State Plastics over a decade ago. He additionally keeps his larger domestic and international competitors at bay through small order runs and also excellent service. 

The sweet taste of success, 25 years and counting. Linda Gulman’s passion is “Indulging” in candy and she also gets to know her customers personally.  

Episode 9 WBIN-TV: Small Businesses Beat Industry Behemoths

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Full 30 minute episode (non commercial TV version):



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