Episode 10 (WBIN-TV): Family Businesses


Episode 10 (WBIN-TV): Family Businesses

A family business has made the switch from printed circuit boards to running an inn and spa in the Lakes region of New Hampshire. A 1904 family bicycle parts company winds up doing outdoor power. Can you imagine going to work making flattened wire radiator fins? And when a folded box is much more than just a folded box. Intriguing stories from four different family Businesses. The full 30-minute episode is featured, with separate segments on Tony DiRico, Michelle Boissoneau-Dupont, John Stephenson & Ted Stikeleather.

Hub Folding Box company goes back almost 100 years, across 3 generations. Tony DiRico is the President. 

What do printed circuit boards, commercial real estate and hospitality have in common? Michelle Boissoneau-Dupont knows. She’s not only part of the family but also an innkeeper at the Opechee Lake and Spa

John Stephenson is from a 4th generation family business. He has additionally used that expertise to now run three ventures… simultaneously. One of these involves Briggs and Stratton.  

It’s a family owned business dated back to 1949 that makes products most people don’t think about. But developers and construction companies know what makes IBC wire special. We talk with President Ted Stikeleather

Episode 10 (WBIN-TV): Family Businesses

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Full 30 minute episode (non commercial TV version):


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