Episode 11 (WBIN-TV): Money Management


Episode 11 (WBIN-TV): Money Management

Who teaches your Financial Advisor? What about those new Department of Labor rules? What does beekeeping have to do with financial planning? You can get advice from a banker or a money manager. But what happens when if the money manager works for a bank? The full 30-minute episode is featured, with separate segments on Scott Stathis, David Macchia, Sean Tesoro, J.P. Pontbriand and Jennifer Powell.

Stathis Partners is an executive resources firm in the bank and credit union brokerage channel.  Scott Stathis is the Managing Partner. 

Wealth2k provides a philosophy and process, financial advisor training, client-facing communications and also proprietary income planning software. Furthermore, David Macchia is the founder.

J.P. Pontbriand joined Salem Five Investment Services in 2006. Also, and as one of the firm’s senior advisors, he manages investment portfolios and provides related advisory services for both institutional and individual clients. He additionally lives in Hampton Falls, New Hampshire. 

 Salem Five Financial offers strategic, unbiased financial advice to the greater Boston area. Sean Tesoro also serves as the President. 

 Jennifer Powell is a communication strategist and founder of the Excellent Writers Group. She comments on communication for Money Management Firms. 

Episode 11 (WBIN-TV): Money Management

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Full 30 minute episode (non commercial TV version):


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