Episode 13 (WBIN-TV): Medical Devices


Episode 13 (WBIN-TV): Medical Devices

How does a knee replacement part really work and who makes it? Growing a body part from your own body. It’s called regenerative medicine. The business of medical devices: Not making them but also buying and selling them. How doctors can check your cardiac rhythms and additionally put them on the cloud? Medical Devices. The full 30-minute episode is featured, with separate segments on Nancy Briefs, Bruce Blessington, Jon Lieber and also Bill Edelman.

Nancy Briefs is CEO and Founder of InfoBionic. Their MoMe® Kardia system is the first and also only wireless remote patient monitoring platform to bring all aspects of cardiac arrhythmia detection and also monitoring management under physicians’ direct control. 

Bruce Blessington has extensive experience running global, multimillion dollar medical device companies. Additionally, he gives some product demonstrations.

Jon Lieber is the CFO of Histogenics. Cartilage regeneration is also a growing industry. However, Histongenic’s is still in clinical testing and not available for sale or additionally approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. 

Bill Edelman is a serial entrepreneur who has built and sold several medical device companies. 

Episode 13 (WBIN-TV): Medical Devices

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Full 30 minute episode (non commercial TV version):

Episode 13 (WBIN-TV): Medical Devices




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