Episode 14 (WBIN-TV): Gender Diversity on Boards


Episode 14 WBIN-TV: Gender Diversity on Boards

Women are more than 50% of the population yet represent less than 20% of corporate board seats. How much can a CEO control who’s on the Board? Starting a business designed to change corporate culture. Then, you’re sitting in the corporate conference room but you’re the only woman at the table. What happens next? Gender Diversity on Boards. The full 30-minute episode is featured, with separate, and additional, segments on Patricia Flynn, Bob Rivers, Stephanie Sonnabend, and also Kathy Cuocolo.

Pat Flynn is a professor at Bentley University who focuses on economics and management. Her research and teaching focus on corporate governance, women in business, and also technology-based economic development. Additionally, she is currently a Columbia Funds director and furthermore, a past American Express funds director. 

Bob Rivers is President and CEO of Eastern Bank, the largest community bank headquartered in Massachusetts and also the nation’s oldest and largest mutual bank. In addition to corporate governance diversity, women comprise 66% of their total workforce, including 48% of the Bank’s officer corps.

Stephanie Sonnabend is Board Director, Former CEO, Social Entrepreneur, Speaker, Executive Coach, and additionally a change agent, passionate about making the world a better place. Stephanie is also the Co-Founder and Chair of 2020 Women on Boards

Kathy Cuocolo is an Independent Director, Audit Chair. and a Leader in Innovation of Financial products capitalizing on regulatory change and also a compliance/risk management. Additionally, Kathy is currently an Independent Director and Audit Committee Chair for Greenbacker Renewable Energy LLC

Episode 14 WBIN-TV: Gender Diversity on Boards

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Full 30 minute episode (non commercial TV version):


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