Episode 22 WBIN-TV: Pivots in Business


Episode 22 WBIN-TV: Pivots in Business

A storefront interactive display that works even when the store is closed. A craft brewery named for a Boston island that isn’t really an island, but is finding success in the suburbs. How do you choose a name for your company… ? Pick one that’s fun to say. When the technology you’re using is no longer the best out there. How do you fix that? Pivots in Business. This episode is sponsored by the Center Cafe restaurant. The full 30-minute episode is featured, with separate, and additional, segments on Oleg Vyadro, David Teplow, Scott Hunter and also Adam Romanow.
Oleg Vyadro is CEO of imageSurge. Oleg helped launch the company, planned and oversaw its go-to-market activities, and is responsible for managing operations, business growth, and additionally organizational development. Furthermore, the imageSurge “Interactive Real Estate Storefront” – a through-glass touch interactive technology that converts any retail storefront window into a marketing and lead generation platform. 

David Teplow is the Founder and CEO at Integra Technology Consulting. He was an early adopter of Relational Database Management Systems (Oracle version 2 in 1981), and has devoted the past 30 years to helping companies select and, additionally, implement the optimal technology for managing data. In that time, he has founded and led two successful companies – Database Technologies (1986-1999) and Integra Technology Consulting (2000-present).

Episode 22 WBIN-TV: Pivots in Business
Scott Hunter is Founder and President of VEDAVOO. He is an outdoor consumer products entrepreneur with project management background. Scott has product and market development expertise in both business-to-business and consumer environments. Additionally, he has a track record of managing design and production to spec, sourcing, and sales, and furthermore, a history of managing complex projects with long duration, within strict budgets and timelines. 

Adam Romanow is the Founder & President at Castle Island Brewing Co. He furthermore describes himself as the General Manager, R&D champion, public liaison, head of sales & marketing, regulatory captain, and also the never-ending source of energy to keep it all going. 

Episode 22 WBIN-TV: Pivots in Business

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