Episode 23 WBIN-TV: Doing Business in France


Episode 23 WBIN-TV: Doing Business in France

Is crowd funding the same in Europe as it is in the US? How do find a job coming from Africa, moving to another country and after getting your Ph.D.? Why don’t Americans save enough money, compared with their European counterparts? How do you go about finding a job, if you’re trilingual? Doing Business in France. This episode is sponsored by Morse Barnes-Brown & Pendleton. The full 30-minute episode is featured, with separate, and additional, segments on Bruno Séjourné, Catherine Crapsky, Louis-Matar Guèye, and Abdel-Malik Ola.
Bruno Séjourné has been a Lecturer in Economics at the University of Angers since 1998. He is the additionally the Director of the Higher School of Economics and Management of Heritage (ESEMAP), and Master-Bank Finance Insurance Department IUP (University of Angers). Furthermore, he is the President of the BFA-Adim, Association of Directors of Master ‘s Degree Banking, Finance, Insurance. He discusses the French savings mentality. 

Catherine Crapsky is the Head of the Master’s programs in International Management, at the University of Angers, and teaches Financial Mathematics, Corporate Finance, Valuation, Investment Valuation, Applied Corporate Finance, and Simulation games in International Management. Her research focuses on Corporate Finance and also Entrepreneurial Finance. She discusses international crowdsourcing.

Louis-Matar Guèye is an M2 Financial management and international control graduate student at the University of Angers, and discusses how he’s looking for a job either in France or overseas. 

Abdel-Malik Ola is a Ph.D. / Doctor of Management, in Entrepreneurial Finance at Granem, at the University of Angers. He discusses emigrating to France from Togo and furthermore what the academic track might look like in France. 

Episode 23 WBIN-TV: Doing Business in France

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