This Sunday on WBIN-TV: Working with MassChallenge


This Sunday on WBIN-TV: Working with MassChallenge

What’s the difference between a business incubator and an accelerator? Do all graduating businesses thrive? How do you define “success?” What is the cohort network really worth? Working with MassChallenge. This episode is sponsored by Art in Giving. Airing Sunday (1/22) at 11 am and Saturday (1/28) at 12 noon on WBIN-TV!

Mike LaRhette is the President of MassChallenge. He helps individuals and organizations catalyze ideas into action through people. Mike has worked for both early stage startups and established organizations in the design and facilitation of business strategy, sales and marketing effectiveness, client engagement, communications and leadership development.

Scott Bailey is the Managing Director for MassChallenge’s flagship program in Boston. According to Scott, MassChallenge is the most startup-friendly accelerator on the planet. No equity and not-for-profit, they are obsessed with helping entrepreneurs across any industry. They also reward the highest-impact startups through a competition to win a portion of several million dollars in equity-free cash awards. Through their global network of accelerators in Boston, London and Jerusalem and unrivaled access to their corporate partners, they can have a massive impact — driving growth and creating value the world over.

Alex Lorman is the CTO at Sea Machines. Sea Machines builds Autonomous Control & Remote Command Systems to enhance the operation of existing or new build marine vessels. Our technology improves boating safety when deployed as an autonomous “overwatch” system on manned vessels. And also enables unmanned piloting of vessels to improve productivity and efficiency as well as safe operations in hazardous environments.

Michael Gresty is the CEO of Rifiniti. Michael advises corporate and real estate leaders to optimize their real estate portfolios. For over a decade he has been a leader in real estate, high performance building development, and corporate sustainability. He has advised top executives at global companies on the integration of sustainability into company strategy, operations and culture.

Michael Sattler is the President of Splitzee. Splitzee exists to save you time, money, and above all else: HASSLE. It’s the first web application designed to solve social money. At Splitzee, our mission is to make group experiences delightful by eliminating the stress of group money. Our group-centric features [collect, manage, track, remind, spend] are here to do just that! Challenges: It’s the first web application designed to solve social money challenges.

This Sunday on WBIN-TV: Working with MassChallenge

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