Language of Business Extra: Doing Business in China


Language of Business Extra: Doing Business in China

When you’re searching for a job after graduation overseas, do you look there, or go back home to China? How does asset valuation in China differ from the US? As a consultant, how is business development different? Investing in the US versus investing in China? What do you do? When you have dinner with a client do you talk shop, or is it just social? Doing business in China, as we travel to Beijing. The full 30-minute episode is featured, with separate, and additional, segments on Ms. Ning Qiu, Mr. Jian Min Sun, Ms. Josie Zhang, Mr. Jack Gu, and Ms. Dorothy Dai.


Gregory L. Stoller 教授(史高乐)毕业于康奈尔大学,之后进 入哈佛商学院深造,曾任职于美国波士顿学院 (Boston College) 卡 罗 尔 管 理 院 (Carroll School of Management) , 现任职于波士顿大学 (Questrom School of Business)。他专注于运营及战略管理、金融研究,活跃于学院的创业家精神和国际商业研究领域方面的项目,并担任核心商业计划课程、亚洲国际管理项目、国际咨询项目的总监。点击这里:史高乐教授的完整介绍。

Click here for full 30 minute episode Chinese video version (在优酷)


Ms. Ning Qiu studies finance and accounting at a US university, and has successfully completed two internships at Rental Beast and Hebrew SeniorLife. When she graduates, will she seek a full-time position in the US or back in her home country of China? Chinese video version here (在优酷) 

Mr. Jian Min Sun is the Chairman for the Pan China Asset Appraisal Company, Ltd. He has been in charge of, and completed, assets appraisals in the process of the listing of over one hundred A-stock, B-stock, H-stock and N-stock enterprises and the formation of several tens of Sino-foreign joint ventures. Chinese video version here (在优酷) Language of Business Extra: Doing Business in China 

Ms. Josie Zhang is a senior consultant with China Financial Consultancy Co., Ltd.. She discusses how strategy consulting works in China, how and when engagements are extend and the process of business development. Chinese video version here (在优酷) 

Mr. Jack Gu has extensive experience woking for manufacturing and asset management organizations, and graduated with a US MBA. He discusses the merits of investing in the US vs. investing in China. Chinese video version here (在优酷)Language of Business Extra: Doing Business in China 

Ms. Dorothy Dai is a consultant with China Financial Consultancy Co., Ltd.. She discusses how to do business development in China, and how you support clients inside and outside of your office. Chinese video version here (在优酷) 

Language of Business Extra: Doing Business in China

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Greg Stoller is actively involved in building entrepreneurship and international business programs at Boston University in the Questrom School of Business. He teaches courses in entrepreneurship, global strategy and management and runs the Asian International Management Experience Program, and the Asian International Consulting Project.

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