Language of Business Filming (Season #2 new episodes)


Language of Business Filming (Season #2 new episodes)

In preparation for season #2 we experimented today by doing some batch filming for several new episodes. Everything worked out great and a huge thank you to our 9 guests.

Networking: We concluded our episode on networking. Diane Darling speaks and trains thousands of people each year on ways to build relationships, leading to opportunities and growth.

Conventions: We began an episode on conventions by discussing some fascinating event management planning software with Beantown Beacons’ CEO Nirmal Parikh. Their flagship product, BEEP, offers deep insights into attendee behavior and creates actionable metrics that help organizers, exhibitors and marketing professionals measure and manage their event performance in real-time.

Cuba: Our Executive Producer, Don Kelley, had a chance to travel to Cuba on a cultural exchange and came up with an idea to do an episode. He offers his reflections, in addition to those from Alberto Vassallo and Richard Cammett. Alberto is president of El Mundo Media, the longest running and most trusted Latino publication in New England. Founded in 1972, it remains a Hispanic-owned and operated business that has evolved into much more than just print media. Richard is a hi-tech product manager but recently traveled to Cuba for rock climbing with his girlfriend, and offers his reflections across multiple restaurants and hotels.

Local Entrepreneurship: We did 4 segments on a variety of industries. Axle AI is the developer of “radically simple” software to manage video and still image media and we spoke with co-founder and CEO Sam Bogoch. Jennifer Pinck runs Pinck and Co, which provides planning, design and construction management consulting services to owners during all phases of capital projects. 121nexus is headed by Charlie Kim and theirs is a patented software platform which allows manufacturers and brand owners to connect any product or printed collateral to a unique mobile website via a URL or QR code. Italian for illuminate and run by Catherine Havasi, Luminoso Technologies is a leading natural language understanding company that enables clients to rapidly discover value in their unstructured text data.

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