Language of Business Filming: Cuba (and Hurricane Irma)


Language of Business Filming: Cuba (and Hurricane Irma)

In preparation for season #2 we wrapped up our filming on Cuba. Today’s guest was DHL executive Andres Diez. In addition to commenting on DHL’s international logistics, he also spoke about Hurricane Irma. Fortunately everyone is OK, include Andres. Courtesy of former guest Leo Brea, check out the dramatic footage from Miami below.

Here are the rest of our Cuba guests:

Cuba: Our Executive Producer, Don Kelley, had a chance to travel to Cuba on a cultural exchange and came up with an idea to do an episode. He offers his reflections, in addition to those from Alberto Vassallo and Richard Cammett. Alberto is president of El Mundo Media, the longest running and most trusted Latino publication in New England. Founded in 1972, it remains a Hispanic-owned and operated business that has evolved into much more than just print media. Richard is a hi-tech product manager but recently traveled to Cuba for rock climbing with his girlfriend, and offers his reflections across multiple restaurants and hotels.


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