Info Session for G-51 Venture Capital Program: Tuesday 1/23


Info Session for G-51 Venture Capital Program: Tuesday 1/23

On Tuesday 1/23 we’ll be holding an Info Session for the spring G-51 VC Internship program.  We’ll meet in room 315 from 5:30 – 6:00 pm and your 1-page resumes and 1-page cover letter will be due on 1/25 at 12 noon (EST). 
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If you didn’t have time in the fall or weren’t selected in the fall class, please apply for the spring. We would love to work with you. This is an opportunity to work with as an analyst on live deals for a Texas-based Venture Capital firm.

“Our goal is to create an exceptional network of future business leaders grounded in technology innovation and entrepreneurship. We are connecting with the best business schools and entrepreneurial institutions, in the United States and internationally, to enable a global renaissance of science and technology commercialization.”

-Rudy Garza, Founder, Managing Partner G51

  • Obtain Real-World Experience
    Work side-by-side with experienced business leaders, technologists, and mentors who spend time teaching, coaching, and mentoring you.
  • Employers Value Our Alumni
    Our Research is strategically used by some of the country’s most innovative companies, and your work is a great way to gain access to these hiring managers
  • Deal Flow Review
    Each Venture Scholar will review business plans, partake in Shark Reviews, and share opinions with G51 Partners. Participate in person or via video conferencing.
  • Interact with Entrepreneurs
    Venture Scholars will communicate and work with entrepreneurs, helping to facilitate dialog between the entrepreneurs and G51. When possible, Venture Scholars will attend the entrepreneur’s pitch at G51 headquarters or remotely.
  • Work on G51 Projects
    Venture Scholars may have the opportunity to source and work with companies. Venture Scholars may assist with various real world business problems for G51 and/or select startup companies.

For fun:

Any G51 Intern or Venture Scholar who takes a G51 golf ball to somewhere in the world where Rudy will not be able to retrieve it and posts a video on YouTube will have their video placed on the hall of fame wall on this link (at bottom of the page).


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