Here is a list of English language links discussing our joint program:

Remote Workers Need Backups for their Backups

Students Turn Chinese Executives for a Week

Excepts from speech on Innovation and International Entrepreneurship  (referencing ICP at the end)

Interview on radio call-in show discussing US – China Relations, and China’s Perception of the Trump Administration

Overseas computer access never a no-brainer Business Trip “to do list” item #18: Technology back-up plan– Op-Ed piece

Re-thinking in China– Op-Ed piece

2-hour interview on national radio call-in show discussing ICP and China’s economic trends

Here’s a link to an article in Find MBA which discusses ICP and job placements

This is a radio interview while in Beijing

This is a radio interview right before our upcoming trip to Beijing

This is a set of radio interviews (with video introductions) on our international work at Boston College, and more particularly on ICP Asia. It’s from Radio Entrepreneurs and the link to the interview is here

This link is from a press release on the Boston College Law School web site

This link is from a press release on the CSOM web site

Here’s a link on the ICP Latin American course, which evolved from our work with ICP Asia

This is a profile of a recent full-time MBA grad discussing, amongst other areas, our first-ever ICP Asia excursion

Alumnus Matt Muhlhauser discusses the “quality work” he performs in this link


Much of our students’ work from our past projects has been published in financial and business magazines in China. Here are the links for the abstracts:

Chinese Media Summary from 3-city Speaking Tour

Corporate Governance

Risk Management

Country Level Financial Assessment / Valuation

Activity Based Costing / Risk Management

General Overview






Non-Performing Loans 1

Non-Performing Loans 2

Non-Performing Loans 3

Cross-border M&A 1

Cross-Border M&A 2

Cross-Border M&A 3

Cross-Border M&A 4

CCAFM has also widely publicized our joint consulting work on its web site:

ICP Program Report 2015

ICP Program Report 2014

ICP Program Report 2013

ICP Program Report 2012

ICP Program Report 2011

EVA Project Overview