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Global Management Experience Program (GME)

2018 DESTINATIONS: Shanghai, Bangkok.

Our Global Management Experience program provides exceptional exposure to economic activity, market trends and culture in Asia often with a focus on entrepreneurship, finance and international business. The four-credit elective course culminates with a one-week trip abroad. Pre-travel course work includes exploration of economic, governmental and social factors that affect the conduct of business in a variety of industries and contexts. The trip involves visiting business executives, government leaders and entrepreneurs, observing first-hand the application of management principles and strategies in the global arena.

Unsolicited student emails / course evaluation comments:

“I cannot fully articulate the influence that your program has had on me in one email. It has truly broadened my horizon in a way that no other Questrom course could have.”

“The trip exceeded my expectations (which were already pretty high). I learned so much and had so much fun, my only wish would be that we had a little longer. I am more appreciative of your help and support than I could ever express in words.”

“I have never before taken a class that immersed me so much into another culture and economy as this class did. In addition, it taught me not only practical and analytical skills but also life skills that in my opinion take you much further in your career and life goals.”

“The class was one of the best courses I took at BU… Incredible coordination in planning the trip and invaluable knowledge, experience, and networking opportunities.”

“Thank you for launching this program at BU. It has changed my life in ways that I yet can’t explain. The people I’ve met, the friends that I’ve made, and the places we visited impacted me greatly.”

For specific questions about these experiences, please contact Gregory Stoller [email protected]
or via phone at 617 233 5666.