G-51 Venture Capital Internship

This fall, Graduate Management students at the Questrom School of Business will have an opportunity to apply for an exciting academic experience focused on building experience in the field of venture capital/private equity. This is entitled G-51 Venture Scholars and while I was at BC, it was one of just four schools in the country who originally started the national program. This is now fully available to Boston University Questrom School of Business students in year #3!  Students who have strong demonstrated finance skills and a passion for entrepreneurship are encouraged to apply. Follow our students’ progress below through regular Blog entries!

Unsolicited Emails

“G51 and VCIC have been by far the best opportunities within my MBA program to advance me towards a career in VC. I can’t thank you enough for your understanding of that and for your support.”

“I love my position. Helping build and scale a company is a dream come true and I truly believe will make me a higher quality investor one day. Thank you for all your guidance and help last year–wouldn’t be here without you.”

“So many of the BU students you’ve sent us has been stellar. They have great work ethics.” 

About the G-51 Venture Scholars

G-51 Venture Scholars is designed to expose diverse and talented graduate students to the venture community and provide real world business opportunities for hands-on learning and mentorship with the G-51 Partners. G-51 Venture Scholars are recruited from all backgrounds, but are typically graduate students in the fields of business, entrepreneurship, engineering, and computer science who are passionate about entrepreneurship and/or venture capital.

G-51 Venture Scholars offers a competitive and valuable opportunity for students to apply their skills in the following areas:

  • Deal Flow Review – Each Venture Scholar will review business plans each week, partake in Deal Flow Review Meetings, and share opinions regarding potential investment recommendations to the G-51 Partners.
  • Participation maybe in person or via video conferencing.
  • Communication with Entrepreneurs – Venture Scholars will communicate and work with the entrepreneurs. When possible, Venture Scholars will attend the entrepreneur’s pitch at G-51 headquarters or remotely.
  • Local Deal Flow – Venture Scholars may have the opportunity to source and work with local companies.
  • G-51 Projects – Venture Scholars may assist with various real world business problems from time to time for G-51 and/or portfolio companies.

At Questrom, students will meet regularly via teleconference with G-51 team members in Austin, TX and will be assigned responsibility for business plan review, analysis, and development of recommendations related to their assignments.

Application Deadline

Submit a resume and cover letter to Professor Greg Stoller this fall by 12 noon (EST) on September 15th to be considered for the spring semester.


Blog Entries

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